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Achieve your goals with Targetist:

The ultimate productivity software.

Setting a target has
never been this easy

Targetist is an innovative AI-based software designed to automate task scheduling and streamline productivity. The primary goal of this cutting edge application is to minimize the time users spend scheduling their daily tasks, allowing them to focus on more essential aspects of their work.

Our intelligent algorithm can efficiently analyze individual user preferences, habits, and workload to generate personalized schedules and ensure seamless integration into their routines. This infinite customization enables the app to anticipate potential road blocks and proactively adjust the schedule to maintain the user's momentum.


Workflows That Work

 Personalized Dynamic Scheduling that adapts to your professional  and personal life

All-In-One Solution

  •  Auto Scheduling

  • Dynamic Statistical analysis

  • Intuitive AI  integration

  • Efficiency Streak Score

  • Collaborative platform


A unique way of rewarding consistent users where they earn streak points for completing their tasks on time. Your peers on the platform can view your score making you more accountable for your work

Smart Automation Tools

Our AI model makes you complete your tasks by sheduling tasks beforehand keeping you out of the last minute stress rush. 

Touching up on our software

Working on improvements

Launching Soon ...

Our Team

What Our Testing Users Say

"This app has been phenomenal in imporoving my grades last semester.
The auto schedulling helped me achieve my goals faster than I thought. "

Shaun Davis,
East Lansing

"I love the app!! It has been a wonderful jounrney, I've achieved my lab goals and principal investigator is very happy with my work."

Aryan Verma, 


"The interface was so simple to use, I was surprised how effectively the app calculates and create graphs of my work data. This helped analyise my productivity"

Maria Perez,

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Workflow Solutions

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